Collective living : housing, shops, library and public spaces

Encouraging social diversity and community life

The project has to respond to the needs of housing, and at the same time create living areas for the general public.
Taking into account the context and the rehabilitation projects, the implantation of a local library in partnership with the school, the community hall and the housing would be profitable to the redevelopment of the area (all the cultural buildings being located in the city-centre) and would encourage the creation of a community where social mix and diversity would be the key words.
To redesign the urban appearance is the ambition of this dynamic project. At the same time, the plan includes the creation of developed green areas alongside the Huveaune river and especially to link all the elements of the architectural program. How to distinguish the different aspects of the project, how to manage the transition between public and private areas and how to encourage social mix? These are the founding questions of the project.

(Final year project)

The selected site is located in the town of Aubagne, about 30 kilometres east of Marseille.
The district is at the heart of major debates concerning urban planning for Aubagne. The town will soon be transformed by the arrival of a new tramway, which will create a direct link between this area and the town centre, and link up with the Aubagne/Marseille public transport network. On this major communication axis there is a hospital, a primary and secondary school, an exchange hub and lots of residential quarters. To increase the density of housing accommodation along this axis would prevent urban sprawl towards the mountain range and protect the natural environment.
The site is an industrial wasteland of an old factory which was demolished in 2009. The City Council would like to develop collective housing and public infrastructure.