Hotel in the Familistère de Guise

Change of use for social dwellings

(Masters project carried out in collaboration with Laurianne Ollé)


How could the Familistère de Guise be rehabilitated into a hotel complex?
Two points seem essential:
To intervene without damaging the historical part of the building, and to respond to the needs of the new program with a new architectural approach.
Taking into account the “Rules and Exception” principle, we determined which areas could be rehabilitated.
To make a real connexion between the public space and the ground floor would be one of the high points of the project: our “exception”. To facilitate the porosity between the areas outside and inside, the base of the whole building would be dedicated to communal spaces.

The objective to be reached includes different architectural processes: a work on lighting to ease the building structure, the fluidity of circulation space by means of a curve…

When we walk up the stairs, we discover the strength and the regularity of the newly conceived areas, which includes the hotel rooms. But the whole project will be planned in the respect of the existing structure: our “rule”.